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Male | 30s | Under 3 minutes
Starts on page 3

EXTRACT: It’s that old Disney cartoon. It starts with a bell chime, a dog howls, bats fly across the screen, two black cats screech at each other and curve their backs. The skeleton creeps in and even the cats know it is the most terrifying thing in the world and rush off. A nightmare vision: bleached bone under rotting flesh. Agile with no meat to weigh it down, could sneak up on you at any minute, making your spine jump and your insides twist. In my dream the skeleton is in my house. On that table. Looming overhead. Skin drooping off bones. Heavy. Like lycra filled with sand. Bones protruding so much they split the surface of the flesh, skin bursting open. Blood trails out slowly, drip by drip, until there is no more fluid to drain.

Contains coarse language
Contains adult themes


Female | Age unspecified | Under 3 minutes
Starts on page 38

EXTRACT: You were probably too little to remember, but the night Dad died, Mum gave you one of his singlets. He would keep his singlets forever - they were those baggy, misshapen ones, those ones that come in a packet of three from the supermarket and he would keep them until they disintegrated. They were always covered in paint and varnish stains. When they started to fall apart, Mum would rip them up and use them as kitchen rags so he couldn’t wear them anymore.

Contains adult themes