MEDIA RELEASE: The Joy of Text

Melbourne Theatre Company, 15 June 2011

PDF Download (426KB) Media Release for production of 'The Joy of Text' by Robert Reid, production by the Melbourne Theatre Company, 2011.

Playwright Robert Reid finds human comedy in big ideas

Paul Galloway, Postmodern Soup.

"‘I was attracted to the scandal that happened around Helen Demidenko-slash-Darville’s
identity and certain parallels with the sexual harassment scandal that Helen Garner was
investigating at Ormond College,’ he says. ‘I got to thinking: What if the two events were part of the same event? In common youth parlance, I created a mash-up.’

PROGRAM: The Joy of Text by Robert Reid

La Mama Theatre, 2013

PDF Download (1.6MB) Program for La Mama production of 'The Joy of Text' by Robert Reid.

Robert Reid

Paul Andrew, Australian Stage, 22 June 2011

Robert Reid talks to Australian Stage's Paul Andrew.

REVIEW: The Joy of Text

Liza Dezfoull, ArtsHub, 15 July 2011

"Unashamedly intelligent, the play engages with semantics, post-modernism, deconstructionism and morality without patronising either the audience or its characters. Intellectual without being high-flown, accessible and challenging, this work is comical, timely and a whole heap of fun."

REVIEW: The Joy of Text

Andrew Fuhrmann, TimeOut Melbourne, 23 February 2011

"This is far and away the stand-out MTC production of the year to date, and, truly, the principal joy of it is the text."

REVIEW: School for scandal in endearing tale

Chris Boyd, The Australian, 17 June 2011

"A 300-student state secondary school is the setting for this sordid but endearing tale of teachers accused of having sex with their students."

The Joy of Text: Robert Reid

Siobhan Argent,, April 2011

"True to its titillating title, The Joy of Text manages to link literary theory with sex. Melbourne playwright Robert Reid explains how he wrote a play that makes thinking about text sexy."

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