Scoring The Split, City Mag, October 2019

"...for such a sparse and nuanced production, the musical score becomes an incredibly important piece of the performance..." - CityMag


Theatre Travels, 2019

"Change is something we all face; it’s universal. It’s inevitable." - Sarah Hamilton, 2019


"It's about a world that is full of anxiety and change and pessimism, but it's about people having hope and human connection and playfulness to get through that. So it's very hopeful … and meditative, I think is the other word I would use." - Charley Sanders


Daily Review, Murray Bramwell, October 2019

"The besieged couple on their shaky boat in the middle of nowhere, no-one at the end of the radio, are hanging on to each other for dear life. As we watch this ambitious, but understated little play, we slowly realise that we all are." - Murray Bramwell

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