ArtsHub Interview

ArtsHub, Richard Watts, 24 June 2020

"‘I hope it will be a really potent record of the time; a snapshot that will give us a glimpse of all these voices around Australia and what they’re observing and what they’re thinking – not only about the present moment, but about the future,’ said David Berthold, interim Executive Chair of Playwriting Australia." - ArtsHub

The Guardian Article

The Guardian, Stephanie Convery, 22 June 2020

"100 playwrights and actors join forces in new theatre project challenging Australian identity" - The Guardian

Limelight Article

Limelight, Justine Nguyen, 23 June 2020

"50 new short works by Australia’s leading playwrights will be simultaneously livestreamed by over 30 performing arts organisations across the country." - Limelight

CityMag Article

City Mag, Suzie Keen, 30 June 2020

"South Australian writers and actors have lent their talents to a national project that will see the simultaneous livestreaming this week of 50 ‘fearless and inspiring’ short works capturing the COVID zeitgeist." - CityMag

The Guardian Review - Part 3

The Guardian, Cassie Tongue, 5 July 2020

"These postcards are honest ones; no starry-eyed tourists here. Australia has a habit of throwing a wrench into communities, especially non-white, non-normative, non-wealthy ones." - The Guardian

The Guardian Review - Part 2

The Guardian, Carissa Lee, 3 July 2020

"Productions like this show that art can inform, and maybe it can also help us be better humans too." - The Guardian

The Age Review

The Age, Cameron Woodhead, July 6 2020

"All theatregoers should see these “postcards to the nation”. Not every offering is a standalone success, but cumulatively they bridge almost every kind of social division — across age, class, race, gender, vocation, politics, you name it — to weave a tapestry of Australian life in a rapidly changing environment." - Cameron Woodhead, The Age

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