AWGIE Children's Theatre Award

The AWGIE Awards are the Australian Writers Guild annual awards for excellence in screen, television, stage and radio writing.

Presented annually since 1967, the AWGIES are unique in the industry in that they are the only writers awards judged solely by writers, and the judging is based on the written script - the intention of the writer rather than the finished product. In order to be eligible scripts must have been produced in the calendar year prior to the year of the AWGIE presentation.

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Past winners

2016 REASONS TO STAY INSIDE by Katy Warner

2016 THE RED BALLOON by Hilary Bell

2014 The Grumpiest Boy in the World by Finegan Kruckemeyer

2011 DR EGG AND THE MAN WITH NO EAR by Catherine Fargher

2005 GAMEGIRL by Maryanne Lynch

Past nominees

2014 CAYLEE'S UKULELE by Donna Abela

2012 LOVE by Finegan Kruckemeyer