AWGIE for Community Theatre

The AWGIE Awards are the Australian Writers Guild annual awards for excellence in screen, television, stage and radio writing.

Presented annually since 1967, the AWGIES are unique in the industry in that they are the only writers awards judged solely by writers, and the judging is based on the written script - the intention of the writer rather than the finished product. In order to be eligible scripts must have been produced in the calendar year prior to the year of the AWGIE presentation.

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Past winners

2017 MICHAEL SWORDFISH by Lachlan Philpott

2015 THE GAP: What Goes Down In Vegas, Au Pair, Welcome to Bulgaria by Patricia Cornelius, Angela Betzien, Melissa Reeves

2010 NIGHT BREAKFAST by Merrilee Moss

2008 ROYAL AFFAIR by Michael Costello

2007 EMBERS by Campion Decent

2006 THROUGH THE MIST by Rebecca Lister

2004 THE LIGHTKEEPER by Verity Laughton

2000 HOG'S HAIRS AND LEECHES by Patricia Cornelius

1999 Rated X by P. P. Cranney

1990 Spitting Chips by Peta Murray

1983 Dags by Debra Oswald

Past nominees

2001 A NEUTRAL SCRIPT (6 scenes for 7 actors with very few given circumstances) by Chris Thompson

2001 THIS HOSPITAL IS MY COUNTRY by Katherine Thomson