Kate Challis RAKA Award

The Kate Challis RAKA Award is one of Australias most valuable and prestigious national awards for Indigenous creative artists, and has been instrumental in fostering writers, filmmakers and visual artists for over a decade.

2007 saw the Award grow to $25 000, making it one of the richest awards for Indigenous creative artists.

The scope of the Award is unique in its recognition of the importance of creative work across a range of different media—creative prose, drama, the visual arts, scriptwriting and poetry—and its awarding of an annual prize to Indigenous artists in these designated art forms on a five-year cycle.

For more information visit the University of Melbourne's website.

Past winners

2012 YIBIYUNG by Dallas Winmar

2007 Windmill Baby by David Milroy

2002 Stolen by Jane Harrison

2002 Aliwa! by Dallas Winmar

1992 No Sugar by Jack Davis