NSW Premier's Literary Awards - Play Award

Established by Premier Neville Wran in 1979, the Awards have a proud history, both in celebrating achievement of Australian writers and in helping to establish values and standards in Australian literature.

Assessment is made primarily on the literary merit of the written text, and not on the merits of a particular production, although the judges will take into account the success of the work within the medium for which it has been written.

For more information visit http://www.arts.nsw.gov.au

Past winners

2019 THE ALMIGHTY SOMETIMES by Kendall Feaver

2012 The Gift by Joanna Murray-Smith

2012 PORN.CAKE by Vanessa Bates

2011 DO NOT GO GENTLE by Patricia Cornelius

2009 Soldiers by Daniel Keene

2009 Citizens by Daniel Keene

2009 The Serpent's Teeth by Daniel Keene

2008 Stories in the Dark by Debra Oswald

2007 HOLDING THE MAN by Tommy Murphy

2006 Strangers in Between by Tommy Murphy

2006 A SINGLE ACT by Jane Bodie

2006 A SINGLE ACT by Jane Bodie

2004 Myth, Propaganda and Disaster in Nazi Germany and Contemporary America by Stephen Sewell

2003 Half and Half by Daniel Keene

2001 MILO'S WAKE by Margery Forde, Michael Forde

2000 SCISSORS, PAPER, ROCK by Daniel Keene

1996 The Shoe-horn Sonata by John Misto

1993 Dead Heart (play) by Nick Parsons

1992 Cosi by Louis Nowra

1991 Hotel Sorrento by Hannie Rayson

1988 The Rivers of China by Alma De Groen

1986 AWAY by Michael Gow

1985 THE BLIND GIANT IS DANCING by Stephen Sewell

1983 The Venetian Twins by Nick Enright, Terence Clarke

Past nominees

2018 THE SOUND OF WAITING by Mary Anne Butler

2012 Silent Disco by Lachlan Philpott


2012 THE SWEETEST THING by Verity Laughton

2011 Sappho... in 9 fragments by Jane Montgomery Griffiths

2009 Ruben Guthrie by Brendan Cowell

2009 Don't Say the Words by Tom Holloway

2007 THE RUMOUR by Jane Malone

2007 HUMAN RESOURCES by Chris Aronsten

2006 THE BUTCHER'S WIFE by Noƫlle Janaczewska

2006 NON PARLO DI SALO by Christos Tsiolkas, Spiro Economopoulos


2002 Miss Tanaka by John Romeril