Green Dramaturgy is a toolkit for embedding any play on any subject with an awareness of the climate and ecological emergency. It’s not specifically about writing plays about the effects of climate change, but about creating a world for the story that acknowledges the world we’re in.   

One result of the COVID-19 pandemic is that we have been emboldened by a new trust in science. We will soon return with new urgency to our climate and ecological situation. Before the pandemic, artists and organisations were already engaged. For example, in 2019 one of the world’s largest theatre companies, the National Theatre in London, declared a climate emergency with a plan to be carbon neutral across all levels of operation, including how productions are developed, made and toured. Critically, the plan includes how plays are commissioned, with plays on climate and ecological concerns to be reflected prominently in their program. Very similar trends are obvious around the world, including in Australia.

APT will be at the forefront in developing ideas and practices around the growing field of Green Dramaturgy. We are exploring relationships with organisations working in this emerging field in Australia and internationally.   


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