Newly listed titles


12 Nov 2021  PRAYER MACHINE by Eric Gardiner add to cart
9 Nov 2021  WHEREVER SHE WANDERS by Kendall Feaver add to cart
30 Sep 2021  UNSUNG HEROES by Barbara Hostalek et al add to cart
30 Aug 2021  TO KILL A CASSOWARY by Laurie Ross Trott add to cart
27 Aug 2021  ALICE IN THE ANTIPATHIES by Sasi Victoire add to cart
20 Aug 2021  BULLY! by Kristen Doherty add to cart
20 Aug 2021  THREE SISTERS by Laurence Strangio add to cart
19 Aug 2021  INTERSECTION: UNLEASHED by ATYP: Australian Theatre for Young People add to cart
16 Aug 2021  ORBITER/LANDER by Robert Lewis add to cart
15 Aug 2021  JUST FAR ENOUGH by Melinda Chapman add to cart
12 Aug 2021  BATAVIA by Patrick Carr add to cart
9 Aug 2021  NECROPHILIA by Lincoln Vickery add to cart
9 Aug 2021  LA SOURIS BLANCHE by Christine Croyden add to cart
6 Aug 2021  1915 by Karen Houghton add to cart
6 Aug 2021  ORDEAL BY FIRE by Leonard Radic add to cart
6 Aug 2021  ARK by Anthony Noack add to cart
4 Aug 2021  GRAVITY GUTS by Sophia Simmons add to cart
4 Aug 2021  MONOPOLY by Steven Hopley add to cart
3 Aug 2021  BEAST.BELLY.BEAST by Peter Maple add to cart
3 Aug 2021  SCRIMMAGE by Camilla Maxwell add to cart
3 Aug 2021  THREE ON, ONE OFF by Lucy Eyre add to cart
3 Aug 2021  GREATER ISRAEL by David Blackman add to cart
2 Aug 2021  COAST by Chris Edmund add to cart
2 Aug 2021  THE MINISTER by Andy Aisbett add to cart
2 Aug 2021  FACES IN THE STREET by Errol O'Neill add to cart
1 Aug 2021  FIFO - FIT IN OR F--K OFF! by Melody Dia add to cart
1 Aug 2021  GINGERBREAD by Anthony Noack add to cart
29 Jul 2021  ONE SMALL STEP by Heather Nimmo add to cart
22 Jul 2021  NEW BABYLON by Stephen Carleton add to cart
20 Jul 2021  THEM by Samah Sabawi add to cart
20 Jul 2021  ROVERS by Katherine Lyall-Watson add to cart
20 Jul 2021  THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA by FF Piano add to cart
20 Jul 2021  WHAT DOESN'T KILL YOU by Sally Hardy add to cart
19 Jul 2021  ETERNITY by Sarah Peters add to cart
19 Jul 2021  EXCLUSION by David Atfield add to cart
9 Jul 2021  THE MERMAID by Cassandra Fumi add to cart
9 Jul 2021  BLISTER by Sarah Peters add to cart
2 Jul 2021  BREAKING THE CASTLE by Peter Cook add to cart
29 Jun 2021  FRATERNAL by Jake Stewart add to cart
28 Jun 2021  LOOSE TEETH by Cassandra-Elli Yiannacou add to cart
28 Jun 2021  ALL THE KING'S CHILDREN by Suzanne Hauser add to cart
25 Jun 2021  PLAYTHINGS by Scott McArdle add to cart
25 Jun 2021  LIGHTS IN THE PARK by Alexander Lee-Rekers add to cart
21 Jun 2021  RISING by Madeleine Border et al add to cart
10 Jun 2021  PLAYING BEATIE BOW by Kate Mulvany add to cart