Susan Rogers

Susan Rogers is a writer and an acclaimed visual artist. Susan adapted Robert Dessaix’s Night Letters for the stage with Chris Drummond and which was shortlisted for a 2005 NSW premier's Literary Award and nominated for several Helpmann and Victorian Green Room Awards in 2005. Her play Beetle Graduation was produced by Brink Productions at the Adelaide Festival Centre in 2008.

Her scripts for performance include the ABC-commissioned radio dramas Dark Moment, written as a solo work for Peter Carroll, and Derelict Woman, written for Ruth Cracknell, Cloak of Feathers and Invertebrate Trilogy.

Susan’s plays have been short-listed twice for New Dramatists, New York USA as well as for the Griffin Theatre Colonial Award. As an acclaimed visual artist, Susan came to the theatre in the 1980s after creating a series of portraits over plaster casts of the faces of well known Australian theatrical identities, including actors John Gaden and the late Ruth Cracknell.

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