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Donna Abela Donna is an award-winning playwright. She has written over 30 original and...(19 plays) 
Gary Abrahams Since graduating from The Victorian College of The Arts in 2009 (Masters...(4 plays) 
Elaine Acworth Over the last 27 years, Elaine Acworth has practiced as a playwright,...(3 plays) 
Shane Adamczak Actor/Improviser/Puppeteer/Writer/Producer Shane is a WAAPA graduate...(1 play) 
Arthur Adams Arthur Henry Adams, born in Otago, New Zealand in 1872, was a poet,...(1 play) 
Georgina Adamson She is a graduate of Charles Sturt University with a B Communication...(1 play) 
Max Afford Max Afford was born in Adelaide in 1906 and began writing as a reporter....(2 plays) 
Jane Ahlquist Jane Ahlquist trained in drama and philosophy at Flinders University....(2 plays) 
Rod Ainsworth Rod Ainsworth is a creative producer, writer and director working in...(1 play) 
Andy Aisbett Andy is a Tasmanian born and bred writer, actor and theatre-maker residing...(2 plays) 
John Aitken John is the author of thirty stage plays including ‘Some Other...(2 plays) 
May-Brit Akerholt Dr May-Brit Akerholt has extensive experience as translator and production...(1 play) 
Muhammad Akram Muhammad Akram was born in Quetta, Pakistan. He is from the Hazara People...(1 play) 
Towfiq Al-Qady Persecuted for his anti-war/anti-Saddam stance, Towfiq Al-Qady came to...(2 plays) 
Jada Alberts Jada is a First Nations actor, writer and director from the Bardi,...(3 plays) 
Scott Alderdice Scott Alderdice has worked as a director, part-time writer and acting...(2 plays) 
Robert Allan Robert began playwriting in 2009. His full length plays An Ordinary Person...(2 plays) 
David Allen David Allen was born in Birmingham, England in 1936 and has an Honours...(4 plays) 
Michael Allen Michael is an award-winning director working for over 25 years in theatre,...(1 play) 
Gai Anderson Gai Anderson lives in the Huon Valley, where she works as a...(1 play) 
Noel Anderson Noel completed NIDA’s Playwright Studio in 1996 and his written work...(2 plays) 
Tammy Anderson Tammy Lee Rock, a Proud Pakana Women, is an award winning director and...(2 plays) 
Michael Andrew Collins Michael Andrew Collins is a playwright from Perth who now lives in Sydney....(1 play) 
Benedict Andrews Benedict Andrews is one of the most sought after Australian theatre...(1 play) 
Robyn Archer Robyn Archer AO FAHA is a singer, writer, artistic director and public...(1 play) 
Dan Archibald Born USA to American father, Australian mother. Degrees from University of...(1 play) 
Cieavash Arean Cieavash was born in Tehran, Iran. The instruments that he performs...(1 play) 
Neil Armfield Neil Armfield graduated from the University of Sydney. He became Artistic...(1 play) 
John Armstrong John Armstrong is one of Australia’s leading writers of television for...(1 play) 
Linda Aronson LINDA ARONSON was born in Britain and studied English Literature at the...(3 plays) 
Chris Aronsten CHRIS ARONSTEN is a graduate of the AFTRS (BA, Screenwriting) and the NIDA...(1 play) 
Kathryn Ash As JUTE Theatre Company’s Creative Producer, Kathryn Ash is a...(6 plays) 
Emina Ashman Emina Ashman is a Malaysian-Australian actor, theatre-maker, and writer...(1 play) 
Manuel Aston Manny Aston has extensive experience as a writer for Theatre In Education,...(1 play) 
Chris Atanasov-Elliott Chris Atanasov-Elliott is a creative father, husband, relief teacher,...(1 play) 
David Atfield David Atfield - one of Canberra’s most respected directors and...(2 plays) 
Geoffrey Atherton AM Geoffrey is best known for his award winning television comedy series...(1 play) 
Nick Atkins Nick Atkins is a playwright and director. He graduated from UNSW with a BA...(1 play) 
ATYP: Australian Theatre for Young People Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP) is the national youth theatre...(4 plays) 
Tony Ayres Tony Ayres is an award-winning showrunner, writer and director in...(1 play) 

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