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The Dads Theatre Group A group consisting of Liam Amor, Michael Fry, Matthew Green, Colin James,...(1 play) 
Adriane Daff ADRIANE DAFF is an actor, writer and theatre maker. She is one of the...(2 plays) 
Timothy Daly TIMOTHY DALY is a playwright, teacher and dramaturg. He has had numerous...(2 plays) 
Carol Dance Carol Dance reviewed over 300 plays for her local newspaper in Sydney for...(3 plays) 
Christine Davey Christine is a playwright, screenwriter and academic of some 30 years...(3 plays) 
Maude Davey Maude Davey has been working as an actor, writer, director and teacher...(1 play) 
Sophia Davidson Gluyas Sophia is a writer, director, producer and recreational scholar who has...(2 plays) 
Sally Davies Sally Davies is a born and bred Novocastrian who juggles her love of...(1 play) 
Sally Davies Sally is an emerging theatre maker and writer. She attended Curtin...(1 play) 
Jack Davis Jack Davis (1917-2000) was born in Perth and brought up at Yarloop and the...(3 plays) 
Margaret Davis Margaret Davis began her career in theatre as a performer and has been a...(7 plays) 
Stephen Davis Born in Glasgow, Stephen was inspired to write by his grandfather Alfred,...(5 plays) 
Tom Davis Tom Davis is the author of six plays, including The Chain Bridge (2015)...(1 play) 
Zoey Dawson Zoey Dawson is an award-winning playwright and screenwriter based in...(3 plays) 
Alma De Groen Alma De Groen was born in New Zealand in 1941. In 1964 she settled in...(5 plays) 
Grace De Morgan Grace De Morgan is a writer and playwright, who currently splits her time...(2 plays) 
Philip Dean Philip Dean was born in rural Queensland and is a graduate of the...(2 plays) 
Mark Deans Mark joined Back to Back in 1989. Mark has extensive credits in theatre,...(2 plays) 
Campion Decent Campion Decent is a playwright and dramaturg. His plays include The...(5 plays) 
Stephen Dedman Stephen Dedman is the author of the novels THE ART OF ARROW CUTTING,...(1 play) 
Arnold Denham Not much is know about Arnold Denham, other than that he was born Arnold...(1 play) 
Laneikka Denne Laneikka Denne is an award-winning playwright, actor and writer based in...(1 play) 
Robert Dessaix Robert Dessaix is a writer, translator and broadcaster whose best-known...(1 play) 
Luke Devenish From the late-80s to the mid-90s I formed collaborations with theatre...(1 play) 
Marian Devitt Marian Devitt writes plays, prose and poetry. Deadline, the stage version,...(3 plays) 
Ryan Devlin Ryan Devlin is a writer and sound designer working to create new worlds on...(1 play) 
Liza Dezfouli Originally from New Zealand, Liza Dezfouli is a Melbourne-based...(1 play) 
Eva Di Cesare Eva Di Cesare is a founding member of Monkey Baa Theatre for Young People,...(4 plays) 
Eva Di Cesare et al Eva Di Cesare, Sandra Eldridge and Tim McGarry together make up Monkey Baa...(2 plays) 
Benito Di Fonzo Born into an Irish-Italian working class family in Sydney’s Inner West,...(2 plays) 
Henry di Suvero Henry di Suvero has written three plays about the Palestinian...(2 plays) 
Alberto Di Troia Alberto Di Troia is a Melbourne-based playwright and filmmaker, and a...(1 play) 
Barry Dickins Barry Dickins was born in the Melbourne suburb of Reservoir. Leaving...(2 plays) 
Chris Dickins Chris Dickins is a playwright, theatre director and teacher who has been...(25 plays) 
Mike Dickinson After working as a director and lecturer in Britain, Mike relocated to...(2 plays) 
Geoff Dobson Geoff Dobson is currently studying a Masters Degree in Theatre at The...(1 play) 
Franz Docherty THE FIGHTERS La Mama 1995 written with the assistance of Victorian...(2 plays) 
Kirk Dodd Kirk Dodd is a playwright and scholar of Shakespeare’s rhetoric...(1 play) 
Simon Dodd SIMON DODD is a professional screen writer and the recipient of ten...(1 play) 
John Doherty John's career of almost forty years has seen him in numerous professional...(4 plays) 
Kristen Doherty Kristen Doherty has been a playwright, director, educator and theatre...(5 plays) 
Glen Dolman Glen Dolman developed his craft in the script department at Crawford...(2 plays) 
Marcel Dorney Marcel Dorney is a writer, director and performer. He was born in...(5 plays) 
Lisa Dowling Scott Australian Irish writer and published playwright Lisa Dowling Scott was...(2 plays) 
Henrietta Drake-Brockman Henrietta Drake-Brockman was born in Perth in 1901 and was schooled in...(1 play) 
Kerry Drumm Kerry writes for theatre, film and TV and has a PhD in animation. Her...(1 play) 
Chris Drummond Chris Drummond is Artistic Director of Brink Productions. Works...(1 play) 
Sheila Duncan Sheila Duncan trained in French Classical Theatre and worked as a...(2 plays) 
Caroline Dunphy Caroline is a director, deviser and performer and the Co-Artistic Director...(1 play) 
Samsara Dunston Samsara is a playwright, director, theatre critic and podcaster. She has a...(1 play) 
Sasha Dyer Sasha Dyer is a Sydney and Brisbane-based writer and actor. After...(1 play) 

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