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Cavan Gallagher Cavan Gallagher is a playwright, screenwriter, director and comedian. His...(1 play) 
Heather Gallagher Heather Gallagher is a children’s author, journalist and playwright...(1 play) 
Jodi Gallagher Jodi Gallagher’s plays include: Elegy (Playbox 2000, published Currency...(8 plays) 
Robert Galley Bob Galley- born 9/7/47- Brisbane Qld. By profession a doctor- currently a...(1 play) 
Paul Galloway Paul Galloway is a Melbourne-based writer specialising in the arts. He has...(2 plays) 
Susanne Gannon Susanne Gannon developed The Breast Project within the JUTE Enter Stage...(1 play) 
Stephen Gard Stephen Gard's first play was produced by Sydney's pro-am New Theatre, in...(1 play) 
Eric Gardiner Eric is a playwright from Melbourne. His first full-length play, Bounty,...(2 plays) 
Tom Gardiner Tom trained as an actor at QUT and worked in Brisbane Theatre for several...(1 play) 
Tai Gardner When Tai isn't chained to his lab at the University of Tasmania where he...(1 play) 
Bill Garner In 2003 Bill Garner and Sue Gore put on The Ishmael Club at Trades Hall....(1 play) 
Frank Gauntlett Frank has attempted a variety of jobs with varying degrees of calamity....(14 plays) 
Jonathan Gavin Jonathan Gavin has an Honours degree in Literature from the ANU and...(1 play) 
Rob George Rob George has been a professional writer for stage, television, film and...(2 plays) 
Paige Gibbs Paige Gibbs was a founding member of the Shrunken Heads Theatre Collect(1 play) 
Emma Gibson Emma Gibson is a playwright from Canberra. Her work has been performed...(1 play) 
Rod Gibson Rod Gibson is well known in the Northern Rivers area as a performance...(1 play) 
Mary-Anne Gifford Mary-Anne is a director, writer, dramaturge and teacher. She has directed...(1 play) 
Paul Gilchrist Paul is a writer and director, and the artistic director of subtlenuance,...(3 plays) 
Eugene Gilfedder Eugene has been involved with professional theatre and music performance...(1 play) 
Andrea Lee Gillies Andrea Gillies has worked as a builder's labourer, dishwasher, publicist,...(2 plays) 
Daniela Giorgi Daniela Giorgi is a writer and theatre producer. Her debut play, Talc, was...(2 plays) 
Dan Giovannoni Dan Giovannoni is a playwright and arts educator. He has written plays for...(3 plays) 
Bruce Gladwin Bruce specialises in the development of adventurous theatrical work,...(3 plays) 
Vivienne Glance Vivienne has had plays produced in London, Edinburgh, Seattle, Sydney,...(12 plays) 
Rory Godbold Rory Godbold is a graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA)...(1 play) 
Emily Goddard Emily Goddard is a Melbourne based actor and theatre maker. She graduated...(1 play) 
Fred Goldsworthy Fred Goldsworthy is a lecturer in Literature and Film Studies at Charles...(1 play) 
Meg Goodfellow Meg Goodfellow is an emerging playwright from the Southern Highlands,...(1 play) 
Tim Gooding Tim Gooding writes for stage, film, and TV. Productions of his plays...(4 plays) 
Sue Gore In 2003 Bill Garner and Sue Gore put on The Ishmael Club at Trades Hall....(1 play) 
Clem Gorman Clem Gorman was born in Perth in 1942, and attended the Universities of...(1 play) 
Michael Gow Michael Gow’s plays include the Australian classic Away, Toy Symphony,...(6 plays) 
Alan Grace Alan graduated from AC Arts (Acting) in 2007, and was Dramaturge/Assistant...(1 play) 
Liliane Grace Liliane Grace is an award-winning author, writing coach and editor who...(1 play) 
Sunny Grace Sunny Grace is a writer, director and producer. She completed a Masters in...(1 play) 
Duncan Graham Duncan Graham graduated from Adelaide College of the Arts. His plays have...(4 plays) 
Ellen Graham Ellen Graham is an award-winning actor and theatre-maker, who trained at...(1 play) 
Gordon Graham GORDON GRAHAM began his writing career as a playwright, while a student...(1 play) 
Samantha Graham Samantha Graham was a finalist with 'Destination' in Queensland Theatre...(1 play) 
Steven Gration Steven Gration is a director, writer, actor, puppeteer and teacher having...(2 plays) 
Oriel Gray Oriel Gray (1920-2003) was born into a politically active family in...(2 plays) 
Declan Greene DECLAN GREENE is a writer and theatre-maker. His plays include A Black Joy...(1 play) 
Gerry Greenland Gerry writes for theatre, radio and screen. Awards include a Glen Eira...(3 plays) 
Elise Greig Elise has been recognised by the Matilda Awards on four occasions for her...(4 plays) 
Adam Grossetti Adam Grossetti has worked as a writer across multiple story telling...(5 plays) 
Darrelyn Gunzburg Darrelyn Gunzburg left Film Australia to train at NIDA and graduated from...(3 plays) 
Michael Gurr Michael Gurr (1961-2017) wrote plays, screenplays, poetry and political...(4 plays) 
Sean Guy Sean Guy is a Darwin-based author, playwright, and screenwriter. As a...(1 play) 

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