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Finn O'Branagáin A 2012 graduate from NIDA’s Graduate Diploma of Dramatic Arts...(2 plays) 
Julianne O'Brien Julianne O’Brien has written plays for theatre companies all over...(1 play) 
Terence O'Connell Terence O’Connell is well known as a director of physical and music...(1 play) 
Ryan O'Connor Ryan J O’Connor is a Geelong-based writer of original, alternative plays...(1 play) 
Aeva O'Dea Aeva O’Dea is a theatre maker fascinated by the complexity of human...(2 plays) 
Mark O'Flynn Born in Melbourne, Mark now lives in the Blue Mountains. After studying at...(2 plays) 
Andrew O'Keefe Andrew O’Keefe is one of the two owners/directors of Apocalypse...(1 play) 
Will O'Mahony Will O’Mahony is a multi award-winning actor who began writing and...(2 plays) 
Errol O'Neill Errol O’Neill has worked since the early 1970s as an actor, playwright,...(4 plays) 
Sam O'Sullivan Originally from Perth, Sam completed a Bachelor of Arts at Curtin...(3 plays) 
Roslyn Oades Roslyn Oades is an award-winning Naarm/Melbourne-based theatremaker best...(1 play) 
George Ogilvie George Ogilvie's distinguished career began almost five decades ago with...(1 play) 
Eliza Oliver Eliza is a graduate of the 2014 class of Actors from the Flinders Drama...(1 play) 
Stephen Oliver Steven Oliver is a descendant of the Kukuyalanji, Waanyi, Gangalidda,...(2 plays) 
Steven Oliver Steven Oliver was born in Cloncurry in North West Queensland and is...(1 play) 
Liam Ormsby Liam Ormsby is a professionally trained actor turned director, turned...(1 play) 
Stephen Orr Stephen Orr is a novelist, essayist and playwright. His first play,...(1 play) 
Julia Osborne Julia Osborne lived for many years in different parts of rural New South...(4 plays) 
Debra Oswald Debra Oswald is a writer for stage, film, television and children’s...(8 plays) 
Dickon Oxenburgh Dickon (Richard P.) Oxenburgh graduated from the Western Australian...(1 play) 

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