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Samah Sabawi Samah Sabawi is an author, playwright, scholar, commentator and poet who...(2 plays) 
Michèle Saint-Yves Living on Kuarna Country, Michèle Saint-Yves writes texts primarily for...(2 plays) 
Silva A Sal Silva A Sal is a director, writer and performer. He has worked across the...(1 play) 
Maryanne Sam Maryanne Sam - a foundi(2 plays) 
Osamah Sami Osamah Sami is an Australian actor and screenwriter, born in Iran to Iraqi...(1 play) 
Michael Sams Michael Sams is an award-winning playwright, actor and director originally...(1 play) 
Lili Sanchez Lili Sanchez is the Cultural Competency Coordinator at MDA. Lili arrived...(1 play) 
Anne-Louise Sarks Anne-Louise Sarks is a director, actor and theatre maker. For The Hayloft...(3 plays) 
Liv Satchell Liv Satchell is a theatre-maker, writer, dramaturg and facilitator trained...(1 play) 
Glenn Saunders Glenn Saunders is a Melbourne-based dramaturg writer director. Originally...(1 play) 
Randa Sayed Randa Sayed is an artist from Western Sydney committed to telling new...(1 play) 
Camille Scaysbrook Camille Scaysbrook's play, 'Am I Your Dream?' won the prestigious STC/ICI...(3 plays) 
Gina Schien Gina Schien is a graduate of the NIDA Playwrights Studio, an AWGIE Award...(5 plays) 
Toby Schmitz After a solid grounding in writing revue and stand-up comedy at...(2 plays) 
Benjamin Schostakowski Benjamin Schostakowski graduated from Directing at the National Institute...(1 play) 
B. J. Schurmann B.J. Schurmann has had a number of poems and short stories published, and...(1 play) 
Eric Scott Eric Scott's play Insufficient Data won best actor for the role of James...(1 play) 
Catherine Seeber Catherine has a Diploma of Arts in Professional Writing and Editing, and...(1 play) 
Stephen Sewell Stephen Sewell is one of Australia’s most celebrated and experienced...(12 plays) 
Nick Seymour Nick is a Melbourne-based playwright and screenwriter. He is a graduate of...(1 play) 
S. Shakthidharan Shakthi is an Australian storyteller with Sri Lankan heritage and Tamil...(1 play) 
John Shand John Shand is a playwright, critic, journalist, librettist, lyricist,...(2 plays) 
Glenn Shea Glenn Shea is currently commissioned by Treasuring Life South East ATSI...(6 plays) 
Bruce Shearer Bruce Shearer has written and produced a number of plays at small...(15 plays) 
Emily Sheehan Emily Sheehan is a playwright and dramaturg. Emily completed her Masters...(2 plays) 
Deborah Sheldon DEBORAH SHELDON is an award-winning author from Melbourne, Australia, who...(1 play) 
Mark Sheppard Born and raised in Mareeba, Far North Queensland, Mark Sheppard is a...(1 play) 
Lauren Sherritt Lauren Sherritt is a playwright and director. Her plays Sans Love (2014)...(1 play) 
Helayne Short Helayne Short is a freelance writer and emerging writer of plays, short...(2 plays) 
Sandra Shotlander Sandra is a Melbourne playwright, director and teacher of writing, whose...(5 plays) 
Catherine Simmonds Catherine Simmonds is the founder of Brunswick Women's Theatre, guiding...(2 plays) 
Sophia Simmons Sophia Simmons is a South Australian playwright currently living in...(1 play) 
Luke Icarus Simon Luke Icarus Simon is an Honours graduate in Australian Literature (Drama)...(2 plays) 
Bethany Simons Bethany Simons is an award-winning writer and performer based in...(2 plays) 
Emma Skalicky Emma Skalicky is a Hobart-based theatre-maker who has been acting and...(1 play) 
Charlotte Smith Charlotte Smith is a writer from regional South Australia. She grew up in...(1 play) 
Jackie Smith Jackie Smith style of writing is particularly Australian – with language...(3 plays) 
Nicole Smith Nicole Smith, occasionally known as Nicky Marr is a writer, director and...(1 play) 
Sue Smith Sue Smith is an experienced screenwriter and script editor. Her credits...(2 plays) 
Steven Snell Steven Snell was an engineering drop-out and factory worker when he first...(2 plays) 
Kelly Somes Kelly Somes is a director who most recently directed a sell-out season of...(1 play) 
Raymond Southall Raymond Southall was born in England and migrated to Australia in 1974....(1 play) 
Steve J. Spears Steve J. Spears was born in Adelaide in 1951. In 1973 he wrote and...(3 plays) 
Melissa Lee Speyer Melissa is a graduate of NIDA (Playwriting, 2011) and AFTRS (MA...(1 play) 
Alice Spigelman Clinical psychologist turned playwright and author, Alice's most recent...(1 play) 
Fiona Spitzkowsky Fiona Spitzkowsky is a writer, editor and theatre-maker, with experience...(1 play) 
Amber Spooner Amber Spooner is a Sydney based actor and writer. She is a Charles Sturt...(1 play) 
Fiona Sprott Fiona Sprott is enrolled in the Master of Creative Arts, at University of...(4 plays) 
Linda Stainton Linda has been a writer and actress in television, theatre and cabaret for...(3 plays) 
Bjorn Stewart Bjorn Stewart is a Sydney based actor, writer and director who has worked...(1 play) 
Fiona Stewart FIONA STEWART has been practicing her craft as an actor, singer,...(2 plays) 
Jake Stewart Jake Stewart is a Melbourne-based playwright and NIDA graduate. He...(1 play) 
Lucas Stibbard A founding member of The Escapists, Lucas Stibbard has extensive theatre...(1 play) 
Tim Stitz Tim Stitz is a Green Room award-winning actor who spent 2009 touring to...(1 play) 
Simon Stone Simon Stone is an award-winning actor, writer and director. A graduate of...(1 play) 
Tony Strachan Tony Strachan is a writer, theatre director, choreographer and designer,...(1 play) 
Maurice Strandgard Passionate about poetry, his has been published widely both here and...(1 play) 
Laurence Strangio Laurence is an independent director, dramaturg, theatre-maker and...(2 plays) 
Aoise Stratford Aoise Stratford is a playwright and dramaturg with more than 100...(1 play) 
Carolyn Stuart Carolyn studied Drama and English Literature at Otago University, Dunedin,...(2 plays) 
Diane Stubbings Diane Stubbings works as a writer and reviewer. Her plays include: The...(2 plays) 
Kate Sulan Kate is the founding Artistic Director of Rawcus. Her work draws on dance,...(1 play) 
Kevin Summers KEVIN SUMMERS is an actor and playwright. He has worked in theatre, film...(1 play) 
Katharine Susannah Prichard Katharine Susannah Prichard(2 plays) 
Sven Swenson Sven Swenson has worked as an actor in theatre, film, television and...(2 plays) 
Leigh Swinbourne Since moving to Hobart in 2001, Leigh’s work has been produced by Old...(6 plays) 

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