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Genevieve Yates Genevieve Yates is a family physician and medical educator from Northern...(1 play) 
Adam Yee Adam Yee is a composer, Head of Music at King David School and Melbourne...(1 play) 
Anna Yen Anna Yen is a theatre maker, performer, writer and teacher. Anna was a...(1 play) 
Cassandra-Elli Yiannacou Cassandra is an award winning Greek-Cypriot Australian writer and...(1 play) 
David Young David Young began his career in theatre as a director and playwright in...(2 plays) 
Ursula Yovich Ursula is the writer/performer of works including Magpie Blues, The Man...(1 play) 
Katherine Zachest Katherine Zachest has extensive experience in drama education, having...(1 play) 
Dirk Zadra Dirk has been involved in the arts since childhood, primarily as a...(1 play) 
William Zappa William Zappa's career has crossed continents and spanned four decades of...(2 plays) 
Tony Zeane Tony has written five plays: BURNT, HALLOWEEN HIGH, SHADOWED, MAVOURNEEN...(1 play) 
Catherine Zimdahl Catherine Zimdahl's plays include Clark In Sarajevo and Family Running for...(4 plays) 
Jamaica Zuanetti Jamaica Zuanetti is a Melbourne based writer. She has a Bachelor of...(2 plays) 

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