One night, amidst the orange glow of a war called the Grind, four young soldiers sneak out to graffiti a crumbling wall. Upon being discovered by their superior they lay the blame on a fictional soldier, Kije (pronounced kee-jay), created using a letter from each of their names.

As the young soldiers commit a horrific act as a course of war, they use Kije as the ultimate imaginary escapism. Kije is the perfect soldier – heroic, kind, and a gentlemen - everything they are not. Inevitably, the very story they cling to for sanity becomes more real than the alien world they occupy.

K.I.J.E. is the adventure of four young men, and how their imagination can save them from themselves, yet remove them from the reality of their actions. A call to the generations of boys at war, who have lost their moral compass.

Loosely based on Yury Tynyanov’s 1927 satirical novella Poruchik Kizhe (Lieutenant Kije).

K.I.J.E. premiered 11 – 13 July 2011 at the Old Fitzroy Theatre, Woolloomooloo, produced by Tamarama Rocks Surfers and Crow Crow Productions.

Directed by Sarah Giles, Set & Costume Design by Charlotte Lane, Sound Design by Caitlin Porter and Lighting Design by Verity Hampson. With TJ Power, Fayssal Bazzi, Wade Briggs, Gabriel Fancourt, Michelle Durman and Christopher Tomkinson.

  • drama
  • 90
  • 0 total
  • 16 to 18, 18+
  • young adult, adult
  • Australian Script Centre


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