This collection of new contemporary plays representing fresh, young voices that reflect the diversity and politics of contemporary Australia.

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Blue Bones is a brave, funny and intimate story about overcoming the effects of domestic violence told with incredible honesty by Merlynn Tong. Against the backdrop of Singapore with all its beauty, rigidity and insistent chaos, Blue Bones will enchant and disturb, and perhaps even wake the stories dormant in your bones.

"I think it is one of the most important productions to hit the town in recent times, for all sorts of reasons." - Stephen Carleton

Future D. Fidel writes with the undeniable force of authenticity. Fleeing the Congo as a child, he lived in a Tanzanian refugee camp for eight years before being granted refugee status in Australia. Prize Fighter is inspired by his own story and those of people he has known.

"In the 65 thrilling minutes that make up Prize Fighter, Future D. Fidel manages to say more about our world and internal lives than many playwrights do in a lifetime." - Daily Review

Rice by Michele Lee, brimming with sharp observations on globalisation, power, politics, and migration as well as plenty of wicked humour. This play gives voice to the story of two multicultural women making their way in modern Australia as they forge a powerful, if unlikely, friendship that gets results.

"There’s not a word out of place and it never loses momentum." - The Australian

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