by Cassandra-Elli Yiannacou
Photo: Cassandra-Elli Yiannacou

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by Cassandra-Elli Yiannacou

"The thing about losing teeth is your body is different after, it's the smallest change but it's different...your parents always say, get your tongue out of that gap your new teeth will grow back crooked. A bit of me always wanted it to, a bit of me always wants to ruin things I think."

Seven friends, three timelines, and two dinners five years apart with a suicide attempt looming over both of them.

George has a book and a birthday coming. Sylvia is sitting in the sun protesting the evening. Theo and Rose are faced with a surprise that reveals what they're trying to bury. Eleni is ending one lie with Birdy while trying to maintain another with Alexander. In one past George is grilled by his friends about what his mother thinks of Sylvia’s depression. In another Eleni and Alexander feel the pressure of first-generation migrant kids, plagued by the knowledge of their mistakes and longing for a time when it felt right. One memory triggers another, pulling them in and out of their pasts and presents.

But Sylvia has a plan, one to stop them lying to themselves and each other.

Everyone has come together unknowingly to do battle. Their kitchen table becomes a chessboard where they each dance in and out of check.

Every family is a Greek tragedy, especially the family you choose.

Loose Teeth is a nonlinear narrative that mirrors the tangles of realisation and deception in the various relationships of our lives. By fragmenting and fracturing timelines it shows how the past and the present are never separate but simultaneous and ever-present, happening out of joint and right-ways-around.

It draws upon Greek-Cypriot culture, the first-generation migrant experience, mental health, and asks what are we capable of doing to the ones we love.

Shortlisted for the 2016 Max Afford Playwrights' Award.

“Depicted with heart-breaking dialogue and vivid imagery that highlighted rawness and vulnerability within complex relationships” – Emerging Writer’s Festival Gazette

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Max Afford Playwrights' Award (2016 nominee)

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