by Ellen Graham, Jamie Hornsby
Cover Design: Jamie Hornsby. Cover Illustration: Ellen Graham.

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by Ellen Graham, Jamie Hornsby

"Claire Della was on the Moon.
Claire Della was on the Moon.
Around her swirled the stars and galaxies,
The comets and constellations,
Infinite possibilites.
Infinite questions.
But the one thing you could say for certain
Was that Claire Della was on...
The Moon."

Claire Della just doesn’t fit in. The things that make sense to everyone else don’t seem to make sense to her, and the world is a loud and frightening place. So she retreats to the safety and quiet of the Moon, where there’s no one to bother her and no one for her to disappoint. But when her link between worlds is shattered, Claire must team up with Laika, the adventurous space dog, to find a way home or else be lost forever.

Claire Della and the Moon is a tender and beautiful new theatre production for young audiences, addressing issues of mental health, depression and anxiety. Using puppetry, music, striking visuals and poetic storytelling, Claire Della and the Moon opens the doors for honest conversation and provides audience members of all ages with a metaphoric vocabulary to positively manage their own mental health.

It’s the perfect show for these trying times.

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