by Sophia Simmons

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by Sophia Simmons

The award-winning play about growing up, the universe and everything. Meet Sophia. She’s into science, sci-fi and Sigourney Weaver. She’s not sure why, but at least it’s something she can talk to her dad about, even when he’s a bottle in.

She’s trying to understand a lot – growing up, her dad, and the complexities of the universe. She reckons she’ll need all three to become an astronaut.

That, and serious rubix cube skills.

Gravity Guts is a joyful and delicately woven story that attempts to explore the big ideas that have eluded womankind since the beginning of the universe: like what exactly is a quasar? What happens inside a black hole? How do you find your voice in a vacuum?

First premiering at the Adelaide Fringe as a solo work, then as an ensemble piece in Sydney – This award-winning blend of autobiography, creative nonfiction and comedy tells the story of a girl who just wants to break free from her father’s orbit, but first she needs to build up the guts.

This title appears in:

Sydney Fringe Festival Award for Excellence (2019 nominee)

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