by Daley Rangi
Photo: Johan De Beer

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by Daley Rangi

In 2013, NASA programmed the Mars Curiosity Rover’s sample-analysis unit to vibrate to the tune of Happy Birthday, which it sang to itself on August 5th, one year after landing on the red planet.

Curiosity is an intimate and evocative voyage of human connection through the eyes of Damien, and his relief teacher, Phoebe, who bond over a fascination with Mars and its lonely robot explorer.

An innovative and challenging work, Curiosity tears apart preconceptions of disability, as Damien, Phoebe, and Aaron, Damien's father, rocket through a galaxy of grief to find their place in the universe.

Nominated for the 2020 Patrick White Playwrights Award and the 2020 Griffin Award.

This title appears in:

Griffin Award for New Australian Playwriting (2020 nominee)

Patrick White Playwrights Award (2020 nominee)

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