by Bruce Hoogendoorn
Photo by Naomi Wong for the BooBook Theatre Production - 2009. Actors: Denise Kuchmar (Wanda) and Stephanie Osztreichen (Louise)

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by Bruce Hoogendoorn

Scott, a retired Olympic Swimming champion, has just ruined his motivational speaking career by sleeping with his best mate's wife. The media and public have turned against him, and, worst of all, his motivational speaking dates have all been cancelled. What will Scott do with his life now?

Wanda, his manager, comes up with an idea to change his image. She gets him involved with an organisation that helps young people overcome depression through an exercise program. The idea is that Scott will help with the exercise and, once the kids start to cheer up, Wanda will get 'A Current Affair' to do a story on him, so everyone will love him again. Unfortunately, the young man Scott is assigned to help just won’t cheer up.

'...a well written, audience friendly and thematically topical script...great warmth, vitality, prickly comment and sharp-edged impressive piece of work overall.' - Adrian Wintle

'...a cynical satire, very reminiscent of David Williamson at his early best.' - Michael Magnusson, Onstage Melbourne, 8 May 2009

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Inscription/Theatrelab Script Development Award (2006 winner)

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