by Hilary Bell
image by Jon Green from the Deckchair Theatre Company production, performer Anni Lindner

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by Hilary Bell

France, 1731. A savage girl is captured in the woods. Memmie Le Blanc, as they baptise her, is bounced from charity to convent, eventually becoming the ward of a widow who believes she can give Memmie the life she deserves. But in order to do this, Memmie's wildness must be eradicated. Thus begins the brutal act of civilisation.

Memmie is beginning to respond to Catherine's well-meaning discipline when they are interrupted by an ambitious young doctor, who travels everywhere with an orangutan named Robert. Memmie is soon torn between her aspirations and her natural instincts.

"[Bell] spoon-feeds us nothing, letting us ponder and make our own meaning of things... You have to go see this. Beg, borrow or steal the ticket money and go. Go twice. I would."—Amanda Tyler, Australian Stage

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Inscription/Theatrelab Script Development Award (2007 winner)

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