by Angus Cerini
Photograph: Vikk Shayen

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by Angus Cerini

Save for crying what you got but this little bit of love inside?

A big little work that takes on the emotional landscape of those dispossessed and disowned by society. Based on real characters seen on the streets of Melbourne, Save for Crying explores how the universe can provide in ways we do not even dare to imagine. Unless of course those who do imagine are the very ones we steer clear of, cross the street away from; the outcasts we never listen to anyway.

Imagine if that single strange human we ignore held the secrets to our dilemma we know as life? This damned blessing we know of as life. Imagine if they knew how the secrets of the universe could save us all? Perhaps it truly is those who are the most crazy who are the ones that are the most sane. And perhaps life really is as simple as love and crying. Love and crying; and a place to eat and sleep the drink of love.

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