by Anthony Crowley

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by Anthony Crowley

Motor-mouth and Suck-face are two teen-age geeks in love and lust, desperate to be with one another yet continually thwarted by Motor-mouth's pre-school infatuation - Hilary - who is intent on re-claiming her boy.

Then one day at school - a new kid shows up - the mysterious Blasko Tupper - who knows something that none of her classmates know - the world is going to end in three days time.

There's only one thing to do - throw a party, kidnap the whole school, break the bad news as gently as possible -- then find a way to blow everyone up just before armageddon to travel safely through a cosmic worm-hole into the next dimension.

Simple right? Not quite. Because Blasko's mum and dad are actually part of an international conspiracy to conceal the horrible truth from the planet until it's too late.

Fortunately Blasko has drugged them and tied them up in a titanium cage.

Unfortunately her parents are experts at mind control and turning teenagers into blood-thirsty zombies, so before long they're on the loose and the party becomes a fight to the death - literally - where the only people who can save everyone turn out to be: Motor-mouth and Suck-face.

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