by Robert Reid

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by Robert Reid


Literary theory may seem harmless, but mix it with the impish personality of Danny, a precocious high school student, and the result is not deconstruction but sheer devastation. When a certain controversial book falls into his hands, it’s time to create his own provocative meta-narrative. As his actions send the school into chaos, he learns that, although the author is dead and meaning lacks foundation, the real world has no time for irony.

Set against a backdrop of staffroom politics, The Joy of Text is a bitingly intelligent comedy on the nature of satire, the subjectivity of truth and the knife edge of student-teacher relations.

"(Robert Reid’s) mainstage debut is notable for its discipline, careful construction, unforced characterisation and Aaron Sorkin-like velocity and wit" - The Australian

"Makes for an enjoyable piece of satire" - Theatre People

“Far and away the stand-out MTC production of the year to date, and, truly, the principal joy of it is the text.” - Timeout

“Reid’s play is often brilliant, very funny with a deft theatrical wit.” - Alison Croggon

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Tom Healey in conversation with Robert Reid about The Joy of Text:

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