by Susan Rogers, Chris Drummond

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by Susan Rogers, Chris Drummond

An Australian man, recently diagnosed with an incurable disease, leaves his home, his lover, their life, and travels through Europe in search of answers to unanswerable questions.

On his journey he encounters extraordinary people who share with him extraordinary tales. And then, reaching Venice, every night for twenty nights he writes a letter home, to his lover in Australia.

Through the totality of its various fables and narratives, its conflicts and dramas, as the man’s world becomes increasingly colour-filled with characters, struggling as he is struggling – with desire for intimacy and escape, for understanding and meaning, for any way to beguile time – Night Letters begins to soar across time and space, from the personal to the global.

At the pinnacle of his search for answers, standing there, in a foreign world groaning under the weight of human decay, his own body riddled with disease, this Australian man finds his mind suddenly wandering back – home to his love, home to a piece of pristine bushland on the outskirts of his city, home to another way of living.

Inspired by the novel by Robert Dessaix.

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