by Elena Carapetis
Photo: Shukhrat Umarov

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by Elena Carapetis

Meet Lee and Maz. Best mates, invulnerable. It’s summer, their last year of school and they are going to go off. They are young and beautiful, tanned and strong. On one fateful night they are drunk and high, driving on the highway. Life shatters and only one is left to pick up the pieces.

Meet Lola. She looks exactly like Maz. Makes sense; she’s his sister. His twin. In the face of tragedy she’s looking for answers.

A theatrical thrill ride, Gorgon looks at the tricky dividing line between friendship and love, anger and grief. With a perceptive and sympathetic ear, it charts one of the most difficult moments of transition in life, from late adolescence to adulthood.

'A hand grenade of a play' - InDaily

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