by Emilie Collyer

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by Emilie Collyer

Brian and Wendy are going up.

Not in a vulgar way. It’s an ecological design, and soon they’ll be able to see out across the whole city. But there’s a crack growing in the wall and a foul stench seeping out. Worried about what the neighbours are saying they’ve invited everyone around for a BBQ to toast the future.

The past, however, has found its way onto the guest list.

As the old flames and rogue spirits of this prime neighbourhood come snooping around with a bottle of bubbles and yet another potato salad, the night comes completely off its hinges. Brian and Wendy must reconcile their middle class aspirations against war stories, comedic roasts, fallen stars and simmering libidos.

Dream Home is a penetrating and hysterical comedy about suburban life and the rude awakenings that come when you’re trying to hold it all together.

Written by Emilie Collyer (The Good Girl, Once Were Pirates) and shortlisted for both the Patrick White Award (2013) and Edward Albee Scholarship (2012), Dream Home received seven Green Room award nominations, winning best direction and best sound design.

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