by Ryan Enniss

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by Ryan Enniss

Eight characters talk about events in their everyday lives. At first they are seemingly disconnected and share no links. As the script progresses, a web of interactions begins to form and it is shown that every character is linked to one or several of the others in some way.

The play begins with Rachel, a young woman who recounts a trip to the supermarket gone wrong. Second is Esther, a woman from the past who tells the story of the death of her husband and child. Abigail speaks third, as she explores her sexuality in relation to her faith and how the two can co-exist. Fourth is Thomas, a young man who is struggling to grow up in a world where he feels he doesn't fit in. Next is Stephen, an older man who doesn't understand technology and wants to go back to a simpler time. The sixth speaker is Adam, a University student who suffers from depression and is trying to motivate himself to exist.

Alice is also a University student, one who feels that there's no place she'd rather be, even if she's having a terrible time of it.

The final speaker in the play is Jenna, a young woman who is battling with body image. She just wants to be her ugly self, damn what the world tells her to be.

As these characters speak, it is revealed that their problems are all interwoven. They could have an impact upon one another's lives if they only took the time to listen, or to speak to one another.

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