by Patricia Cornelius

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by Patricia Cornelius

Set in Australia, Big Heart is a study in identity. It is a play about relationships, multiculturalism, imperialism, racism and ultimately the love between a mother and her children.

A woman adopts a child from each of the continents. She believes she offers the children a better life, absent of poverty, and war, and neglect. Big Heart follows their lives through babyhood, adolescence and adulthood and is punctuated by moments of catharsis and joy.

Big Heart deals with big concerns about us as a nation. On the surface, the play is about relationships; about love between mother and child, and between siblings. It’s about family and what constitutes one.

Beneath the surface, the play reflects Australia in all its diversity. It is about a multi-cultural Australia which both celebrates and struggles with its issues of class and identity; cultural, social and national.

This title appears in:

Green Room Award - Best Writing (Independent) (2017 nominee)

Griffin Award for New Australian Playwriting (2017 nominee)

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