by Katy Warner

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by Katy Warner

Pedro used to run and skateboard and play soccer and go to school … Not anymore. Pedro stays inside now.

His best friend, Flora, thinks that’s boring and kind of freaky. But Pedro doesn’t care. He’s building a pillow fort (he would prefer you called it ‘The Death Star’) and it’s getting bigger and bigger every day. Every day it’s getting harder and harder for Flora to reach him.

Pedro has the best Reasons to Stay Inside, but Flora knows what he’s missing and she will do whatever it takes to get her best friend to come outside.

You can’t stay inside your fort forever, can you?

A show about that irritating best friends, dancing pegacorns, pillow forts and that weird anxious feeling. For 8 to 108 year olds!

This title appears in:

AWGIE Children's Theatre Award (2016 winner)

Melbourne Fringe Festival - Best Kids' Theatre (2015 winner)

Perth Fringe - Arts Editor Award (2016 nominee)

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