by Wendy Lewis
Photo: John Reeves

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by Wendy Lewis

If you could write the story of your life...who would you KILL?

The Devil’s Caress is a celebration of Australia’s very own Agatha Christie, June Wright.

Wright made quite a splash in post-war Melbourne as a ‘slim, vivacious, youthful and attractive to look at’ housewife and mother of six who wrote gory stories. Well, that’s how The Argus 1948 put it…

The action takes place in the isolated clifftop home of Dr Katherine ‘Dr Kate’ Waring and her surgeon husband Kingsley. Waves crash and winds howl as the pre-requisite number of interesting persons gather for the weekend. Among them is bright young medical graduate Marsh Mowbray, who looks up to Dr Kate as her mentor and role model. Uncannily, within 24 hours of Marsh’s arrival, one of the household is dead. Soon after, another suspicious death occurs and our spirited young Marsh begins to doubt the innocence of her beloved mentor.

As well as fighting her own fears, Marsh is up against four men, all adamant that Dr Kate is a devil of a woman. Could it be true? Could such a magnificent woman commit murder? As a certain mysterious stranger in town so presciently warns Marsh: ‘Doubt is the devil’s caress.’

Interwoven with this classic murder mystery is the story of June Wright herself: her dealings with the press, her domestic duties and her own private tragedies.

The Devil’s Caress: a delicious dose of doctors, doubt and dead bodies.