P R E S E N T E S!

by Suzanne Ingelbrecht

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P R E S E N T E S!

by Suzanne Ingelbrecht

A personal odyssey from the birthplace of tango (Buenos Aires) to the land of fire (Tierra del Fuego), P R E S E N T E S! confronts the vulnerability of being middle-aged, a woman and single in unfamiliar territory.

This is solo storytelling of a journey through Argentina and Chile at the end of 2016; against a backdrop of political violence and survival.

This is about an encounter with the legacy of Argentina’s ‘dirty war’ of the 1970s, the extraordinary grandmothers who keep that legacy alive.

This is also the kindness of strangers in a strange place… a journey of resilience in the face of unpredictable events.

Full Spanish Transcription available here.

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