by Sunny Grace
Photo: Phil Erbacher

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by Sunny Grace

The Angelica Complex is a dark yet often comedic voyage through the challenges of modern motherhood and post natal depression.

They say it takes a village to raise a child but what happens in the absence of a village? This is the story of new mother trying to navigate the contemporary world where we have lost the villages, the communities, the women’s stories. Where social media is taking over as the means of connection adding to the pressure to be perfect. Angelica finds herself on a ‘forced retreat’ – a landscape that is at once, both a literal and metaphorical space. She invites audiences to share her revelatory journey as she struggles for the survival of her self and her baby through those first few months of motherhood, from isolation to sleep deprivation to joy to the absence of red lipstick to dancing around the lounge room, to trying to not kill the baby or herself.

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