by Grace De Morgan
Photo: Jack Dixon-Gunn

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by Grace De Morgan

AGNES: Do you think you can still be friends with someone if you don’t agree with their politics?

SIMON: Of course you can. Just don’t talk about politics.

Four old friends from youth group. Four very different faith journeys. One snug log cabin. Quite Drunk, Very Jesus-y is a new play exploring how teenage faith plays out in adult life and what the logical breaking point of any childhood friendship should be.

A darkly comic drama that explores the wide political spectrum of faith and love, and how conflicting paradigms can affect friendships. Quite Drunk, Very Jesus-y is not a story about right or wrong; it’s about caring for the people you disagree with, knowing when to stand up for your values and when to reconsider your position.

Set against the backdrop of the marriage plebiscite, Quite Drunk, Very Jesus-y is for anyone that’s ever disagreed with a friend or kept a secret from one. It’s a story about gay rights, women’s rights, faith and mental health - best enjoyed with a (large) glass of shiraz.

Developed as part of The Wheeler Centre Hot Desk Fellowship, Quite Drunk, Very Jesus-y won Highly Commended at the Rodney Seaborn Award 2017.

“The power combo of both religion and politics…but at the core of this production is heart.” - Australian Stage

“When love is all you need, and friendship is beyond belief.” - Weekend Notes

“In a world where social progressives and religious conservatives seem at irreconcilable odds, Grace De Morgan’s play takes a refreshing look at the challenges of Christian faith in modern society”. - Aerohaveno

“The play's concerns feel immediate and credible. It approaches these topics with compassion, as well as humour, so we feel engaged rather than preached at.”
- Aerohaveno

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Rodney Seaborn Playwright's Award (2017 nominee)