by Michele Lee

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by Michele Lee

Natalie Yang is going up. Her debut novel, Banana Girl, detailing the endless smorgasbord of her sex life has finally hit the shelves. Her posse laud her as the voice of her generation.

Enter Lu Lu Jayadi: Indonesian refugee and award-winning peddler of clichéd migrant stories. Lu Lu’s success is about to send Natalie’s career and her sense of self spiralling out of control. And when that bubble bursts, the come-down is very real.

Going Down twists irreverent sex comedy and sardonic literary satire into a warts-and-all take-down of what her protagonist calls “migrant porn”… It’s rare to see such a nimble, fresh comic vision from a new Australian playwright, and this production does it justice. - The Age

... a vibrant, layered comic exploration of stereotypes, from piccolo-quaffing urban Melbournites to migrant memoirists from ethnic minorities… Lee shows herself to have a keen eye, a wicked sense of humour, and a willingness to take the piss out of herself. It’s a voice that is distinctly Australian, while working simultaneously to complicate just what it means to be a contemporary Australian. - The Conversation

Which stories matter? Do some matter more than others? Lee’s play grapples with these questions, drawing on her own life experience (Lee has indeed written a book called Banana Girl) to create a rich comedy-drama that isn’t afraid to be silly. It also isn’t afraid to be complicated… - Time Out

This title appears in:

Malcolm Robertson Prize (2015 winner)

AWGIE Stage Award (2019 nominee)

Green Room Award - Best Direction (2019 nominee)

Green Room Award - Best Ensemble (2019 nominee)

Green Room Award - Best Performer (2019 nominee)

Green Room Award - Best Set/Costume/AV Design (2019 nominee)

Green Room Awards - Best New Writing (2019 nominee)

NSW Premier's Literary Award, Nick Enright Prize (2019 nominee)

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