by Jeanette Cronin
Image: Michael Pigott

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by Jeanette Cronin

TELL ME AGAIN is a memory play which explores one man's journey of love and loss. We travel backwards through time to unravel the terrible tragedy which has befallen him, and then move forwards with him as he tries to make sense of his conflicted heart.

We meet HIM on a bench by a lake, chatting amiably with a seeming stranger about the nature of birds, and indeed all things living. As we move backwards in time, this stranger becomes more and more familiar, until we recognise HER as his wife. We are privy to that most intimate of relationships, between those in love, each scene sharpening in focus as her symptoms bubble to the surface, and her early dementia becomes the stranger in their marriage.

TELL ME AGAIN is a story about the havoc dementia wreaks. The play’s difference and strength is that it requires the participation of its audience to unlock the puzzle and dive into the unknown, into a world where memory becomes dream, with love the only constant. Unexpectedly funny, deeply sensual and ultimately heartbreaking, TELL ME AGAIN is a world many of us will travel through.

"Jeanette Cronin’s Tell Me Again shows a love and respect for the theatrical form and its audience, aiming to provide a moment in time with something deeply emotional, perhaps making us feel things in a way that our real daily lives are too fragile or restless to permit." - Suzy Wrong, Suzy Goes See

"...fascinating...has the literary echoes, for me, of Harold Pinter and Edward Albee - two authors not to be blinked at and, to boot, gorgeous to listen to." - Kevin Jackson's Theatre Diary

TELL ME AGAIN is a companion play to I LOVE YOU NOW.

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