by Emina Ashman
Photography: Keith Costelo

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by Emina Ashman

“What’s your paradise going to be?”

Two women have passed on.

In order to reunite with her lover, Asmara wants to transform into a Houri, a virgin of paradise. Safia, a woman she encounters when she wakes up from punishment in the grave, assists her with this endeavour.

Debuting at La Mama, Make Me A Houri is a tale of two women seeking to defy the external forces governing their bodies. This is a lyrical play that traverses through fantasy and earthiness through cross culture, desire and the depths of human connection. It blends poetry, ritual, stylised physicality and unusual anecdotes to explore the relationship between the realms of the sensuous and the spiritual, the mystical and the material.

“an intricate, humorous, political and passionately soulful two-hander...”

- Cameron Woodhead, The Age, 2019

“poetic, astute, insightful, subtle, humorous, teasing out of language itself the contradictions and false dichotomies of inherited cultures.”

- Ainsley Kerr, ArtsHub, 2019

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