by David Allen

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by David Allen

Playwright Robert Greene lives in a noisy, bustling underworld of spies, crooks and punks, fending off the debt collectors and arch-rivals in Elizabethan England. Alongside cut-purse thief Cutting Ball, they encounter a certain upstart-crow from Stratford-on-Avon and a scheming Cambridge graduate named Christopher Marlowe as all are drawn into political intrigue and artistic competition and goodness knows what else. Cheapside (the name comes from ''Chepe,'' old English for market, and the area was originally the marketplace of medieval London) won several Australian awards before touring to the UK, New York and beyond. A play bursting with life and humour, Cheapside provides a fascinating account of the lot of professional playwright - and suggests that it may not have changed much over the last four hundred years.

First published by Currency Press, 1985.

First produced by Melbourne Theatre Company, 1984.

This title appears in:

Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards - Prize for Drama (1985 winner)

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