by Barbara Hostalek

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by Barbara Hostalek

Frances is in jail for serious offences of assault and drug possession. She's bitter, disenfranchised and just wants to live life on her terms. But jail is a temporary escape for her - free from financial hardship, homelessness, and hunger.

Cracked is Frankie's story of rage through the criminal justice system with the hope of being reunited with her kids.

"Hostalek’s writing is brilliant. She has a muscular approach to writing dialogue, creating well rounded, identifiable characters we very quickly come to love, and who also frustrate us." - Jacob Boehme, Witness Performance.

" is impossible not to fall in love with or in pieces over absolutely every single character in Cracked." - Amanda Lancaster, The Fourth Wall.

"Cracked is feisty and straight up and ball breaking." - Victoria Wyatt, Artshub.

Watch the Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company Trailer of CRACKED.

Cover Image: Noongar Graphic Artist - Seantelle Walsh - Kardy Kreations (@kardy.kreations) Yamatji Graphic Artist - Rhys Paddick - The Wholesome Yamatji (@the_wholesome_yamatji).

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