by Osamah Sami, Janice Muller
Photo: Tim Grey

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by Osamah Sami, Janice Muller

"I thought you and I could get away… away from this headache. Freshen up, get a new perspective. Put our feet up, or down."

"Yeah but ... I can’t just up and go because you suddenly feel like going to .... Hawaii.

" Hawaii?! (laughing) No, son. We’re going to Iran!"

Osamah's father is his hero. He taught his son that anything is possible and Osamah has been testing the limits his whole life. But when Osamah's hero dies unexpectedly he must draw on every ounce of faith, stamina and wit to negotiate the labyrinth of AK-47-wielding Iranian bureaucrats, shady dealers and a family searching for answers, to bring his father back ‘home’ to Australia.

Drawn from his award-winning memoir Good Muslim Boy and his smash hit film Ali's Wedding, this is a heartbreaking, and at times, hilarious story of family, love and the beauty found at the cross currents of two cultures.

WATCH Good Muslim Boy: Interview with Osamah Sami / Malthouse Prompt

WATCH Good Muslim Boy: Interview with Janice Muller / Malthouse Prompt

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