by Sam O'Sullivan
Cover Artwork: Robbi James.

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by Sam O'Sullivan

- Do I look like the kind of person who would do that?

- No. You don’t. But neither did Ted Bundy.

A young couple move in together, while a new acquaintance threatens to disrupt their lives. But that’s only the beginning. Things are about to get very, very complicated.

From the writer of The Block Universe and The Wind in the Underground, You’re Not Special is a dark comedy about relationships, technology and the dangerous line between truth and fiction in the digital age.

You’re Not Special is a meditation on love and human connection – tender, poignant, painful, funny and sad – from one of the most original voices in Australian theatre. SYDNEY ARTS GUIDE.

O'Sullivan's script is biting, funny and more than a little dangerous. You're Not Special may be a new Australian work, but it certainly has a long future on our stages. WEEKEND NOTES.

★★★★ Powerful, poignant, slightly shocking and deeply relevant… You’re Not Special is a clever, provocative and thoroughly insightful piece of theatre. It will make you reflect on how you live your life… THE AU REVIEW.

O’Sullivan’s writing is wonderfully engaging, with an intellectual curiosity that sustains our keen interest. There is a passion in the way its ideas are disseminated, that gives You’re Not Special a delicious sense of urgency SUZY WRONG.

Sam O'Sullivan's play turns the truisms of our screen-dominated lives into an original, bracing and engrossing theatre experience. AUDREY JOURNAL.

Current, comic and captivating, this is an intelligent new work that holds important observations of the modern world. BROADWAY WORLD.

This is a play taking abstract threats and placing them firmly in very real, very justified fear. SYDNEY MORNING HERALD.

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