by Louise Helfgott

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by Louise Helfgott

Julie Coulter is a runaway who is swept into the brutal reality of life on the streets. Taking refuge with a gang of displaced youths, Julie is immersed in a culture that challenges her very existence. Set under a bridge, we see the haunting symbolism that intertwines the lives and loves of each emerging character.

This is a moving story of a family that has fallen victim to our fast-paced modern society. In striving to succeed, much has been sacrificed, and a child has been lost to an underworld of hopelessness and despair.

‘The Bridge’ is a powerfully absorbing musical that will make you laugh and cry - a fusion of heartfelt drama, quirky comedy, impassioned music and song with energetic dance. The original musical score was created by Boyd Wilson and Louise Helfgott.

Winner of the 1998 Australia Day Award for community events.

No musical score is available but a professionally recorded audio file is available on request.

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