by Van Badham

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by Van Badham

A domestic partnership between Owen and Helene, two human resource managers, spins horrifically out of control when Owen loses his job. Unable to contribute capital to the household's maintenance, he trades his labour to the demands of his boss-wife.

Performed at Edinburgh Festival, 2002.

"The only danger is of laughing too hard. A ferociously black comedy." -Kirsty Knaggs, The Scotsman, 2002

"A short, sharp, shocker of a play." - Shona Brodie, The Herald, 2002

"Its savage, surreal scenario cleverly uses the domestic to highlight the insanity of a wider world where people are expendable to the interests of multi-national corporations and governments, and lives and communities are casually destroyed in pursuit of profit." - Lyn Gardner, The Guardian, 2002

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