by Jonathan Gavin

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by Jonathan Gavin

Seven women gather for a dinner party. Victoria is a painter facing creative stagnation; Jenny is Victoria's elder sister and patron, a barrister trying to make it as a woman in a man's world; Rowena, Jenny's lover, is completing her PhD in Women's Studies; Rowena's adopted Indian sister Bridget is a health professional working with dying patients; Anne is at home all day with a young daughter; Emma is television's most popular newsreader; and Dominique has re-entered their lives after a bitter period of estrangement.

As the play moves backward and forwards in time, sisters and friends confront their long-standing rivalries, jealousies and resentments. And all the while, one of the seven moves unknowingly towards her own death.

A Moment on the Lips is about the difficult search for meaning and fulfilment in life, our ability to rise to the challenges life throws at us, and the powers we all have for transformation.

'...an excellent sense of character construction... a satisfying richness - poignant, hilarious and deeply human... genuinely exciting new work...'
- Stephen Dunne, Sydney Morning Herald

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Recommended for community theatre

Philip Parsons Young Playwrights Award (2003 winner)

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