by Suzie Miller

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by Suzie Miller

Cross Sections goes beyond the neon buzz of the Coke sign and a tourist's stroll along Darlinghurst Road and allows us to spend 24 hours in Sydney's quintessential 'red light district'. A play that is populated by a parade of stunningly vulnerable characters, it explores the heart and soul of an underground community with rules of its own.

There's young rent boy Aaron, searching for The Goddess (Leeanne, a prostitute who breathed him back to life), David-the-married-with-kids city corporate who in turn is searching for Aaron. Lou picks up fares, runaways Amelia and Fung-Lee hatch a plan, and elderly Enid endlessly sweeps the streets.

"Suzie Miller has written a powerful script that gives personal and often confronting perspectives on issues such as prostitution, heroin, violence, and homelessness... "Cross Sections" is an exhilarating ride ... flecked with humour and understated moments of tenderness." - Gemma O'Donoghue, State of the Arts

"Miller has produced a stark, often very funny and genuine portrait of the Cross and its workers ... a strong, affecting and sometimes tender portrait." - Stephen Dunne, Sydney Morning Herald

This title appears in:

Rodney Seaborn Playwright's Award (2006 nominee)

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