by Louise Fox
Image: Sydney Theatre Company

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by Louise Fox

Seven animal generations after George Orwell's pigs shook hands with their former masters, Animal Farm has become Animal Pharmaceuticals - a giant, multi-national conglomerate of farms, firms and factories. At the edge of the known world is its forgotten outpost - a small laboratory. In it, the occupants - a pig, sheep and horse - work tirelessly, testing products and doing to themselves what was once done to them. Their life of experimentation is interrupted by notice of an impending visit from HQ, and the animals ready themselves for their just reward. But the detail is always in the fine print.

'[A] darkly engaging look at both particular political issues and human nature in general.'
Maz Dixon,, June 18, 2005

'[An] imaginative script...a welcome and refreshing change from the more realist plays that tend to dominate Australian mainstream theatre.'
Ash Walker,, June 18, 2005

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